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Professional Photography by Terry Lynch

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Contact: Lynch Photos
Cell Phone: (601) 410-7284 in Quitman, MS
Boost your business with great designs by Lynch Photos!

Special assignments, commissions and consultation. Let Lynch Photos produce direct mail and marketing materials for your business or service based upon high quality, original photographs featuring your product, service or place of business. A picture is worth a thousand words and a great photograph by Lynch Photos is priceless!

Lynch designs Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag

magnolia state flower blossom flag, ms state flag, mississippi state flag, racial harmony, terry lynch
The Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag was designed by Terry Lynch after making a detailed photograhic study of Magnolia Tree flower blossoms.

Now everyone in Mississippi can proudly display the new Magnolis State Flower Blossom Flag.

In the wake of the tragedy at Emanual AME Church in South Carolina, there has arisen a need for a new flag to represent the Magnolia State, a flag which all people may display with pride and joy regardless of their race, religion, national or ethnic origin. The Magnolia State Flower Blossom flag fulfills that need.

Click to get your Magnolia State Flower Blossom flag for presentation and display upon a wide variety of gifts and apparel, even T-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops. By displaying the Magnolia State Flower Blossom flag upon your person, you may help promote and boost the popularity of this new, harmonious design, which unites people rather than divide them.

All major retail stores as well as other gift shops, dollar stores and shops are urged to stock up on the newly proposed Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag Tote Bags and other gift/apparel item.
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Will the State of Mississippi adopt the new Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag as the official state flag of Mississippi? Who cares! Over 1.9-million people in Mississippi want a flag they can display with pride and joy. This includes every black man, woman and child plus many whites, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and others who cherish the ideal of equal opportunity for all God's children. Hence, the Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag is available to everyone who wants an alternative flag they may display with pride and joy, a flag that represents all God's children and the great state of Mississippi without prejudice, discrimination or association with any symbols that may be viewed as being racially intolerant or subjugative.

The Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag is available for license to any flag manufacturing companies who want to produce and market it in Mississippi or nation-wide. This represents a multi-million dollar opportunity. To license the Magnolia State Flower Blossom Flag, please contact Terry Lynch. Camera-ready art and digital graphics can be provided for Dye-Sublimation printing by many manufactures who can produce and market the Magnolia State Flower Blossom flag to large retail outlets. This will make it economical for everyone to buy and display the Magnolia State Flower Blossom flag and be a boost to the positive image and economy of Mississippi -- plus make a ton of money for flag manufacturers.

Special Edition MS Christmas Heart

Mississippi Heart Merry Christma Hooded Sweatshirt
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These Great State of Mississippi Heart Special Editions gift/apparel make the perfect unique gift for someone you love. The design features a classic crimson red heart ornament which says "Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2015" and comes upon a wide variety of high quality gift/apparel items. Compliments of Lynch Photos.

The Great State of Mississippi Heart

Mississippi Promotions now has a great selection of gifts and apparel that you can use to help boost tourism and business. We encourage everyone to buy these items to help advertise and promote Mississippi.

The Great State of Mississippi Heart Organic Women's T-Shirt
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The Great State of MS Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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Invest in your town!

We are looking for businesses, corporations or municipalities that will make a significant annual investment to promote the cities and counties were they are located, We want to help raise awareness, stimulate pride and joy, and boost tourism and business in your area. This is a good investment and helps everyone in your community. If you have a business, corporation or represent a municipality and would like us to make a special collection of gift/apparel to advertise and promote your city, county or state, please contact LynchPhotos. You can see some of the great promotional items we have already created at these popular sites:



Phone: 601-776-3634
Cell: 601-513-3471

I'm seeking new clients. If you have a business and need any advertising or promotional materials please contact Lynch Photos for a FREE ESTIMATE. I am especially interested in producing high quality business cards, postcards, posters or other advertising and promotional materials. If you say you saw my website (this page) and use code TAL2014 I will give you FREE ART & DESIGN for your first order of $300.00 or more (Value up to $120.00 in production/design services) such that there will be no art fee for your first order.

Net-TV. Free TV on Your PC or Laptop. One-time payment. No shipping/handling. Sent via reply email to your home or office.

Lynch Photos

Please contact Lynch Photos for a free consultation. We produce high quality advertising and promotional materials based upon original photography to boost your business. By using Lynch Photos you can promote your business using high quality promotional and advertising products especially produced and designed to feature your product, service or business team. This will help stimulate and boost your business as well and give the Quitman and Clarke County area a good image.

Lynch Photos wants to help everyone who has a business and enterprise succeed! Lynch does great photography and hopes that he will be able to work with you to advertise and promote your business.

Lynch Photos loves Quitman and Clarke county, which is why he created I (Heart) Quitman promotional products and I (Heart) Clarke Co. gifts & apparel. Lynch wants to put Quitman and Clarke County on the map, as a place where there are beautiful people and where it is good to raise a family.

Lynch Photos wants to work with everyone who has a business and may be in need of quality photography and graphic design. Lynch wants to help attract business and industry to the region. A great way to do that is to use beautiful photographs and quality graphic design promotional materials to advertise and promote your business or enterprise.

Please contact Lynch Photos for all your photography and graphic design needs. Thank you for your patronage!


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Lynch Photos can make high quality, unique print products to help advertise and promote your business. Click on the type of product you would like Lynch Photos to make for you and send us an email. We will then contact you for a FREE consultation and estimate:

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Lynch Photos has created a special line of products to promote Quitman, Clarke County and the area which are based upon original photography and quality graphic design. We hope everyone will buy these products to help promote our community. Please contact Lynch Photos to make promotional products for your business, service or fund raising project.

Get Panther Country team color gifts and apparel and express you support! Design features an awesome close-up of panther with gleaming red eyes.

These awesome Panther Country gifts and apparel feature a close-up of panther with gleaming red eyes inside an ellipse with popular blue-gold team colors

Panther Country blue-yellow team color hoodies are great for sports events and expressing your team support.

Keep all your sports gear in these adorable blue-yellow team color gym bags

Get Panther Country gifts and apparel feature awesome close-up of panther with gleaming red eyes and are a great way to express you support!

Panther Mania Gifts & Apparel feature a ferocious panther with team colors.

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I Love Quitman features the confederate war memorial and an original vibrant red rose heart to express your love and pride in Quitman to all your family, friends and associates.

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I (Heart) Clarke Co. Mississippi Dark T-shirt
One of the best ways to boost business and tourism in Clarke County is by displaying pride and joy in your community which is done through these high quality gifts and apparel featuring the Clarke County Courthouse.
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I Love Quitman features the Clarke Co. Courthouse and an original vibrant red heart to express your love and pride in Quitman to all your family, friends and associates.

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I (Heart) Quitman features an original vibrant red rose heart to express your love and pride in Quitman to all your family, friends and associates.

Don't waste time deciding on which shirt to put on each morning. This dark shirt t-shirt will never go out of style and hides stains better too. This high-quality t-shirt is pre-shrunk and 100% cotton, which makes it both comfortable and durable. Plus these awesome Mississippi designs come on a wide variety of other black apparel and high quality merchandise.

Come Catch The Big Ones/Mississippi
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Mississippi The Magnolia State
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I (Heart) Mississippi/Made in America
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When you buy and display "Made in America" you help keep jobs in America and contribute to the health and welfare of American families. Every dollar earned helps feed children of American families and provides for their education. Please buy "Made in America" and help boost the economy. We have a wide variety of Made In America gifts and apparel by featured affiliates for your enjoyment. Just click on any of the topical categories below to go shopping for your favorite Made In America gifts and apparel.

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The Perfect Gift

Get the perfect gift in our on-line Emporium. We are open 24/7 and have millions of original, high quality gift and apparel items.

Wild Rose and The Bard
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Wild Rose and The Bard Fine Art Prints
You can now purchase high quality fine art prints from Lynch Photos Gallery. This includes fine art prints reproduced upon canvas as well as framed prints.

Hot & Popular

Red Moon at Delicate Arch, Moab, Ut.
Terry's Great National Park gifts and apparel are a wonderful way to express you love for nature and the great outdoors.

Venus Transit of Sun
Buy these awesome gifts/apparel which show a time-lapse photograph of the Sun with Venus in transit along the upper hemisphere.Click to see more items like this.

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ARMY Dark T-shirt
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Land of the Free/Because of the Brave T-shirt
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United States Marines Dark T-shirt
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Chicago Has Everything
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Tai Chi Fire Phoenix T-Shirt
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Professional Photography by Terry Lynch

Terry Lynch working upon a new series of designs. PHOTO © 2012 by Terry Lynch.

Terry Lynch is a professional photographer, graphic artist and designer who knows how to produce high quality images to best represent your unique, high quality product or service. Lynch's work has been used by many major corporations and businesses; his beautiful photography appears upon virtually millions of original products marketed internationally. If you want to be represented by the best, get Lynch to do your photography and advertising designs!

Ultimate T-shirts

Did you know money really does grow on trees! Yes, it does! In fact, every leaf may represent a fortune if you just know how to turn it into gold, into cash.

Tip of the day. You can make an infinite number of original designs using a digital camera. Just walk around and take pretty pictures of flora and fauna. Then put your pics on T-shirts, gifts or apparel. Here is a beautiful Red Maple leaf photo I took and put upon gifts and apparel.

Maple Leaf Organic Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)
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This is an example of how money really does grow on trees. In fact, every leaf you see is money just waiting to be made. Here is another example. I took a photograph of a Red Maple leaf and made a colorful window graphic design that anyone who loves nature may enjoy wearing upon a T-shirt or other apparel item. Perhaps Bill Gates will buy the design to illustrate his next edition of Windows, as God only knows its such a beautiful design it would certainly greatly boost the sell of Windows software. In fact, people would probably love the sweet Red Maple leaf graphic more than Apples! :-)

Maple Leaf Window Organic Men's Fitted T-Shirt
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Do you want to start your own home-based business? CSpire is coming to Quitman and other cities and towns in Mississippi. This means you will be able to upload and download large graphic, audio and video files at high speeds. This represents a great competitive edge for content producers. Learn how you can make tons of extras cash turning your digital photographs into creative expressions and sharing them with your family, friends and associates. Read Love CafePress: How to boost sales in your CafePress shop by Terry Lynch. Great advice is given by Lynch who is a long-time CP user and graphic artist who has millions of gift and apparel items in these hot and popular on-line premium shops at:

For more great ideas and free advice visit Love CafePress where Lynch shares Tips of the Day with his Facebook fans and friends.

Family & Individual Photographs

Please contact Lynch Photos to do family or individual photographs. We'll do your Family Reunion or make special arrangements to do family or individual photographs at such local settings as Clarke Co. State Park, Archusa Water Park or even at your home. Family photographs are a special way to treasure and preserve your family history for you, your children and their children. We can provide a wide range of high-quality photo prints or products that you may order on-line and enjoy. Plus we make delightful photo-collages.

Eddie Fulton, Mayor of Quitman, Mississippi is a hard working and very dedicated public servant who goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every day, working to improve the city. He has an open door policy and listens to everyone, doing whatever he can to make life better for all his good neighbors. Photo © 2012 by Terry Lynch

Photo Collage

I would love to make a photo collage for your group, organization or business. Photo collages are a great way to advertise and promote schools, churches, or businesses. You may also use a photo collage to commemorate special events or occasions. Plus a photo collage makes a great fund raiser. If you would like me to make you a photo collage, please contact Lynch Photos.

QHS Homecoming Parade 2014 Colored T-shirt
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Special Events

We would love to make photographs to cover your special event. It is important to make a record of events to preserve them for history and to reflect pride and joy in our community for our children and their children. Please contact Lynch Photos if you would like to arrange photographing your special event. We have very reasonable rates.

Photo-collage of the First Annual Art in the Park

Lynch's work is currently featured in The Quitman Villager and Lynch Photos Gallery where you may purchase high quality framed prints, canvases or other beautiful creations to decorate and grace your home, office or school. Please also be sure to check out Lynch's Wildlife Festival Exhibit. We have very reasonable rates; so please let us know if you would like us to cover a special event. We can also help make your planned event successful through the design and production of photo illustrated advertisements, press releases, brochures or other printed materials. Thank you for your patronage.

Electronic Art & Design

Click on pic to visit this exhibit

String Theory: Electronic Art & Design is now on exhibit. These amazing images are created using music combined with graphic design technology to produce spectacular creations that have tremendeous potential for the textile, entertainment and other industries. Lynch uses a proprietary process to create attractive and dynamic graphic designs showing how they may be incorporated to promote good causes.

Speed of Light Internet

Fiber to the Home aka Speed of Light Internet (SOLI) is coming! This great new technology allows super fact speed and bandwidth. In literally the blink of an eye data that would take minutes to transfer can upload or download. Discover ways you can help promote SOLI now.

Promote Your Business or Service

Attention all Quitman businesses and area entrepreneurs. Would you like to have a photojournalist cover your special event and write an article which may be published on-line in the Quitman Villager? Would you like to be interviewed about your business, book or other special project? Perhaps you need some photographs to help advertise or promote your business or illustrate your portfolio. Then contact Lynch Photos. We can help advertise and promote your special event using original photographs, video or high quality promotional and fund-raising materials. We also produce high quality digital photographs and advertising materials for professional models, musicians and other entrepreneurs. Any fees for world-wide travel, expeditions, workshops, or lecture tours are extra and must be paid and scheduled well in advance. Please contact Lynch Photos and let us help boost your business today!

National Markets

Now you can open up a virtual shop in any of our major national markets . If your business is hurting largely because of your location, we can you up with a virtual storefront in any of our national markets such as Times Square. Hence you will be able to draw business from major areas. You may advertise in these major markets and purchase these promotional items. Remember, everytime you buy an item it helps keep jobs in America!

  1. Times Square
  2. Wall Street
  3. Fifth Avenue
  4. Main Street USA
  5. Golden Gate State (Features State Landmarks)
  6. Mt. Rushmore
  7. Hollywood
  8. Miami
  9. St. Louis (Gateway to the West)
  10. Los Angeles
  11. Seattle, WA (Space Needle)
  12. Atlanta
  13. Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA
  14. Washington, DC
  15. Yellowstone National Park

Please contact Virtual Reality Advertising to place your advertisement today. Generally there is a minimum requirement of $480.00 deposit to cover advertising in any of our major national markets. This covers all setup, design and other fees for an advertisement in our primary national markets to run four months; short or small ads may run longer than large or full-page size ads. Rates may vary given size or duration of ad, so please contact us and we will give you a FREE quote. In addition to our major markets, we can make a virtual storefront for you in most major cities, not only in the United States, but abroad. Hence it will appear like you have a shop in such major metropolitan areas as Paris, London, Tokyo, or even Hong Kong.

OMG! I'm On Google!

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OMG! I'm On Google! Famous Lynch family members. Several variation of this poster were made for different uses. The one for sale on CafePress features photos of Lynch Family related to LaFaye & Leonard P. Lynch. © 2012 by Terry Lynch.

OMG! I'm on Google! Imagine how surprised I was when doing a recent search on Google to find myself and Lynch Family members grouped together in a wonderful collage. Can you find me? I appear three times along with my dear mother and father, LaFaye & Leonard P. Lynch (Center), and my dear brother, Stephen (Upper Right Corner and Right Most Center). Also popping up is Thomas Lynch, Jr. (Upper Left Corner) who signed the Declaration of Independence. Jane Lynch and Evanna Lynch (of Harry Potter fame), also are shown. I guess we are somehow related; that puts me in pretty good company! :-) Other famous Lynches are David Lynch and the Lynch Mob.

OMG! Are you on Google too? Would you like me to make a family poster like this for you? This is a great way to advertise and associate yourself with other famous family members, even with long-lost relatives. I'd love to make an OMG! I'm On Google poster for you and your family. Please contact Lynch Photos for a special commission. Any family photos that you have may be incorporated into the poster along with other family photos listed on-line.

Lynch Photos Made in USA T-shirt.
Features a collection of Lynch Family members. These are great items for a family reunion. If you have a collection of family photos and would like them made into a poster or collage and put upon gifts/apparel for your family reunion, please contact Lynch Photos. Please give plenty of advance notice so we can make and get items to you in time for your family reunion. Click to see more items like this

The Endless Painting aka The Endless Collage/Art

Title page of the First Folio, 1623. Copper engraving of Shakespeare by Martin Droeshout which has been digitally remastered to serve as the base work for The Endless Collage aka The Endless Painting or The Endless Art. Each person is challenged to continue the work by taking the next work in the sequence and adding to it. Simply make a screen capture by pressing PrtScn; then paste into your photo editing or graphics program and create a new work which incorporates the last work. Each work may be posted in your gallery. You may link to the previous work or send your link to so that we may cite your work on our homepage at (this site). In this manner over time each person will add to the next person's creation to result in an endless branching chain or tree of creative expressions. You may contribute your derivative work to our gallery and/or website so that over time we may show all derivative works in one place and may also make a video to post on You Tube showing the progression of the work over time. Anyone may make a derivative work and by participating in this on-line art project you give permission for everyone to use your work to incorporate into their next work, ad infinitum. Be inspired and enjoy! The next works in the sequence are Wild Rose and The Bard, The Wild Rose of Shakespeare's Time, or Heart of the Wild Rose. Anyone may make a screen capture and use these to create a derivative work; then send link to your work to when posted in your gallery. Thank you for participating in this dynamic, creative art project. TAL 15 April 2012

Wild Rose and The Bard. Click on pic to go shopping for these items. Perhaps one of the most famous quotes of Shakespeare is, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," from Romeo and Juliet. In the time of Shakespeare he likely would have been referring to a wild rose like the one above photographed by naturalist, Terry Lynch. This photograph features an image of The Bard magically appearing in the background and is available upon gifts and apparel. If you have a flower shop or other business in the area, please contact LynchPhotos and let us make some great photographic advertising materials to help boost your business.

Featured Business or Church

Do you have a business in Quitman, Mississippi? If so, we would like to make you some new business cards, postcards, magnets, or other high quality, original photographs and advertising materials to help promote your business. We can also produce on-line campaigns to work with special marketing materials to help boost business, including effective on-line coupon type advertising and marketing campaigns. We may even feature your business in The Quitman Villager. Contact LynchPhotos today.

This is a postcard Lynch designed for the Quitman Seventh-day Adventist Church. Lynch's photographs have been used upon postcards, business cards, brochures, calendars, T-shirt, hats, bumper stickers, tote bags, gifts, and numerous other fund raising and promotional items. Lynch's photographs have also appeared in many magazines and major publications like The World Book Encyclopedia. Lynch's photograph is widely distributed on-line by such major and popular media as You Tube, Facebook, and CafePress. Lynch's photography has been used widely by business and industry to illustrate scientific and technical reports, permitting applications, and other scientific and technical documents.

Promote Your Place of Business

Special Offer! We will put a photograph of your place of business, including churches, upon gifts/apparel and feature it on our website to help with your advertising and promotions. This is a special offer for anyone who has a business and would like to submit their own photograph for us to use to help advertise and promote their business. To qualify, just click on the secure PayPal button below. Rate are: One Year @ $119.95; Two Years @ $219.95; and Three Years @ $319.95. You must provide your own high resolution photograph plus any information you would like upon the design.

Promote Your Place Of Business

Place of Business Gift/Apparel Promotion

After we receive your photograph and payment is confirmed we will put your place of business upon gifts/apparel in our shop. If you want us to include your address, phone number, email address or website URL, you must provide this information at the time of payment. We reserve the right to make commissions upon all items sold in our on-line shop which helps provide this economic service to our clients and may enable us to recover the costs to produce and provide this service.

Mutt Pics

One of Lynch's favorite subject to photograph is people and their pets. As a professional photographer and graphic designer, Lynch knows how to take great photographs of people and their dogs, cats or other pets. You can see some of Lynch's pet photography at Mutt Pics.

Click on mutt pic to buy these items
Stephen Lynch, Terry's brother, with the family dog, Lady, a black dachshund, taken at Châteauneuf, France. Lynch has been taking photographs since he was seven years old and sometimes enjoys working in black and white or sepia tone to create a classic feel and look to images. His Father, Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch, also enjoyed photography gave him a Kodak box camera when he was a young boy and he has been taking photographs ever since. Photo © 2012 by Terry Lynch. All rights reserved.

Click on mutt pic to buy these items
Jade atop Mt. Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama. Lynch traveled around the country with his German Shepherd, Jade, and took some great photographs like this one at Mt. Cheaha. Photo © 2003-2012 by Terry Lynch. All rights reserved.

Special Offer! Your Mutt Pics on Gifts/Apparel.

Angel's Mutt Pic
Click to see more items like this

Hey dog lovers! Please send your dog or mutt pics to Angel at Mutt Pics along with the name of your dog and a small fee of $19.95 to cover production, hosting, and other costs we incur.

Mutt Pics $19.95

After we receive your confirmed payment and dog photo, we will put it on T-shirts, gifts and other apparel for sale in our Mutt Pics Gift Shop. This offer includes putting your dog's photograph on gifts/apparel in our shop and may include the name of your dog (be sure to provide correct spelling). Then you may buy your dog or mutt's pic on T-shirts or other gifts and apparel. You may also refer your family, friends or other dog lovers so they can buy your dog or mutt pics on gifts and apparel. This all helps raise awareness, educates and informs people about homeless animals and the fact that all dogs are good dogs and someone loves them. You can also help by visiting Good Shepherd Dog Animal Rescue (GSDAR), Inc. and making a cash donation to help sponsor this good work. Thank you for your dog or Mutt Pics!

Products and Services

Lynch Photos would like to work with you to help advertise and promote your business by making original photographs featuring your business and the products or service you are marketing. We can make unique, high quality promotional and advertising print products.

We would like to help you produce great photographic materials to promote your business. Every business may benefit from having advertising and marketing materials which uses great photography and Lynch Photos and product such top quality marketing materials to help boost your business. This includes photographic business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, stickers, magnets, and a host of other top quality marketing materials.

Here are a few of the types of products and services we can produce and provide to feature and promote your business or enterprise:

  • Business Card
  • Booklet
  • Bookmark
  • Brochure
  • Calendar
  • Catalog
  • CD Package
  • Club Flyer
  • Collectors Card
  • Door Hanger
  • DVD Package
  • Envelope
  • Event Ticket
  • Flyer
  • Hang Tag
  • Letterhead
  • Mini Menu
  • Notepad
  • Poster
  • Postcard
  • Presentation Folder
  • Rackcard
  • Rip Business Card
  • Rolodex
  • Roll Label
  • Special Shapes
  • Staggered Cut Flyer
  • Sticker
  • Table Tent
  • Tent Card
  • T-shirts
  • Signage/Banners
  • Banner
  • Poster (Wide)
  • Window Cling
  • Window Decal
  • Yard Sign
  • Photography Services
  • Design Services
  • Mailing Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Website Design Services
  • Website Hosting Services

A Gallery of Photographs By Terry Lynch

Enjoy these photographs presented by Terry Lynch who invites all Quitman businesses to commission special photography to help promote and boost their business.

Fig. 1. Lynch has photographed many celebrities and although he never got the opportunity to photograph the real Elvis, he photographed Shane Tucker, an Elvis Tribute Artist, when he appeared at the Clarke County Relay for Life in Quitman, Mississippi.

Fig. 2. The majestic inflorescence of a dandelion. As a naturalist and photographer, Lynch has traveled widely and enjoys photographing flora and fauna. Click on pic to read The Bountiful Beauty of Springtime: A Naturalist's Paradise, and see more of Lynch's nature photographs.

Click on pic to go shopping now
Intelligent Design Or Just A Dandelion
This is an example of a great photograph and design by Lynch Photos. Here we have taken a macro photograph of a dandelion and turned it into an awesome design to spark interest and debate with respect to evolution vs. intelligent design. Putting the photograph with a simple question on T-shirts, gifts and apparel is a great way to stimulate interest, get attention, and start a conversation. It is this type of advertising and promotion which can generate high sales and boost profits which is why you should use Lynch Photos. Click to see and go shopping for more items like this

Fig. 3. God's Challenge. Lynch enjoys creating inspirational designs from his photographs of people and nature. Seen here are young people watching rock wall climbers.

Fig. 4. Ghosts in the Gavin House, a digital collage by Terry Lynch. Not only is Lynch a great photographer, but he can do photo restoration of all your antique and vintage photographs.

Fig. 5. Mississippi State Guard members with public relations display and exhibit at Picnic in the Park, Quitman, Mississippi.

Fig. 6. Three crosses set in front of The Living Word Church, beacon visitors to come one, come all, and share in God's word. Praise the Lord!

Fig. 7. The First Baptist Church in Quitman, Mississippi. Lynch has photographed churches, monuments, and famous sites throughout the United States.

Fig. 8. Mrs. Annie Crim of Quitman graciously posed for this photo wearing a 1800's style dress at the 175 Year Birthday Celebration of Clarke Co. Mississippi.

Fig. 9. John Shirley uses a chain saw to fashion a bear out of a wooden log. Lynch has worked as a photojournalist and enjoys taking pictures of people at work.

Fig. 10. Lynch knows how to get the shot on target which will make all the difference when it comes to success in marketing your product or service. Like this photograph of Ramey May taking aim to win a turkey at the East Quitman Volunteer Fire Department, Lynch aims straight with his camera and always makes the winning shot!

Click on pic to go shopping now
Fig. 11. This photo of cliff jumpers was taken at Mt. Cheaha State Park in Alabama. Nestled deep in Talladega National Forest is a hidden waterfall where locals gather on hot summer days to swim and refresh in the cool mountain water. The brave (or foolish) take a leap of faith from the cliff to plunge into the shallow pool below. It's a death wish, perhaps, or right of passage, because if one slips and hits the rocks below they might easily break their neck.

Click on pic to go shopping now
Fig. 12. This photograph shows the library on the Jacksonville State University campus where Terry Lynch spent many hours studying and working to earn his degree. Lynch also perfected his skills as a graphic artist and photographer while at JSU, taking all the studio art courses which were offered at the time. Plus Lynch spent a great deal of time hiking in the adjacent Talladega National Forest searching for images of flora and fauna to capture on film. Some years after Lynch graduated, he returned to the JSU campus as a professional photographer and took this photograph with a digital camera.

Click on pic to go shopping now
Fig. 13. Bee feeding upon a Judas-tree blossom in early spring. Bees fly rapidly from one flower to another, dangling from the flowers as they insert their proboscis to drink sweet nectar. A bee may visit over 720 flowers in the course of an hour, pausing upon each flower only a few seconds before it flies on to another, making it very challenging to photograph these active pollinators.

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Fig. 14. Close up of Dandelion seeds with the slogan, "Fragile! Handle with care! Many people consider Dandelions a weed, but up close their delicate, spherical seeds are quite beautiful. What child has not picked a Dandelion and blown the seeds to the wind, making a wish in spring! Now you can get these adorable Dandelion seeds captured in a stunning image by Naturalist, Terry Lynch, printed with the slogan, "Fragile! Handle with care!" upon gifts and apparel.

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Fig. 15. Close up of Violet Wood Sorrel blooming in early spring. Lynch Photos has a great collection of colorful photography which can be used to help advertise and promote your business. Plus Lynch Photos can meet with you and produce custom photographs to help you market your product or service.

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Wood Sorrel on Dark T-shirt
This is an example of how a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, or thousands of dollars. Let Lynch Photos show you how every picture can be turned into profit by using it to promote and market your business. When you click on this pic you go to Lynch Photos emporium where you may purchase high quality gifts and apparel which feature great photograph by Terry Lynch. Let Lynch Photos show you how such quality images can be used to promote your business. Click to see and go shopping for more items like this

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Fig. 16. Blake Wilson gives inspirational presentation at Train Depot in Quitman about how small towns can boost their economy by stressing their WOW Factor. Photo by Terry Lynch.

I enjoy attending local community events and have taken many photographs such as this one of Black Wilson, President and CEO of MEC. Mr. Wilson travels all over the state to help local communities, small and large towns alike, learn how they can boost their economy and stimulate business and industry. Currently he is promoting the idea that each town has what he calls "WOW Factors," those unique selling propositions which make an area special and give it an edge. To learn more read Blake Wilson says WOW Factor is key to boosting local economy.

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Fig. 17. Viral beetles invade and infest the Internet and Media. Is it a beetle or a bug, a computer virus, Trojan or a worm? Or is it just a clever calling card, a way to advertise and get attention? Did you know more and more advertisers are using insects in their commercials because they arouse emotions and have a subliminal seduction effect? When people see insects or spiders it causes an alarm or alert reaction in the brain, arousing emotions and triggering a physical reaction. When seeing arthropods is associated with a product or service it may result in increased purchases given the commercials associate a good feeling or experience with the product advertised. That's why in everything from bug spray to sleep medications you are seeing animated bugs. Here is a simple example of a "viral bug" created to advertise LynchPhotos by incorporating our logo as a watermark upon the elytra of a large beetle. If you want a "viral bug" logo created for your business or service, please contact LynchPhotos.

By the way, this alarm/alert behavior was first discovered by Terry Lynch in the firefly, Photinus pyralis. While studying fireflies between 1968-70, Lynch discovered that P. pyralis exhibits a pre-flight rest-alert behavior and that when alert may be stimulated to respond to a flash of light to take flight. Lynch reported this discover to firefly expert John Bonner Buck by personally delivering an article to Buck in his laboratory at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland in the summer of 1970. Buck later confirmed Lynch's discovery by observing the same rest-alert pre-flight behavior in other species of fireflies and exclaimed the discovery in Scientific American magazine.

This pre-flight behavior is genetically encoded in fireflies and may well be genetically wired in the brains of other animals including human beings, such that advertisers have hit upon a way to subliminally seduce the general public and get everyone to buy their products. People so seduced don't ever realize they have been conditioned to behave in a desired way after watching the same commercial over and over. What the advertising agents making such commercials may not realize is that they are using a mechanism wired into fireflies eons before people, Homo sapiens, even existed; i.e, how to flash a light or message and elicit a desired response or flight, perhaps what is the first species to gain survival benefit from advertising with light! The call to take flight is actually saying, "Time to mate!" Hence fireflies are advertising when is the agreed time to fly and mate, that a group choice and collective decision is being made, that the group responds to flash and blink at that time when they can all see and respond to flashing, which is indeed an early form of advertising employed by those most illuminating of insects, the Lampyridae.

This is a great discovery for it demonstrates collective consciousness and the origin of social networking in fireflies, illustrating that a group is making a choice or decision to fly and mate, that this choice is a change of consciousness from being at rest or asleep to awake and alert! The discovery of pre-flight behavior in P. pyralis by Lynch and confirmed by Buck, may point to the origins of advertising and collective consciousness, that although individual fireflies may have relatively small brains and nervous systems, through social networking enabled by light communication, they achieve a larger brain and neural network, that of group collective consciousness, which enables synchronous flashing in groups of high population density. In other words, fireflies are using social networking via communicatoin by light to gain greater brain power! Thus this represents the discover of social consciousness and is a proof of how evolution of group consciousness enables survival of the species as a group. Here in fireflies is demonstrated an example group consciousness evolving to enable survival of the species; the group is acting as a unit, as one big brain, which greatly increases its prospects for survival over the individual acting alone with its single tiny brain and nervous system. Indeed, this is a great discovery, one which Lynch realized the significance of while Buck died left in the dark. It is a lesson, perhaps, in giving credit where credit is due, for perhaps there is also some aspect of bonding and community that is also engrained in our very being, that in a mysterious way those who are generous and share their light, come to shine the brightest and gain victory over those who are selfish and greedy and want only that light which they cast to shine. The group that networks, that shares its light, that shines and flashes together, is going to be the most successful, that is going to be the one which wins the competition and survives not only as an individual, but as a species. That is the great discover Lynch made in searching for creatures which glow -- a great discovery which also has value for the survival of humanity should it be taken to heart. To learn more about fireflies visit Project Firefly FAQs.

Save The Firefly

Terry Lynch is a naturalist famous for his studies of firefly behavior and work done to save the firefly by establishing "safe zones." Safe zones are areas where fireflies can live and reproduce unmolested by urban development and activities which destroy the environment.

Save The Firefly!

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All proceeds will be used by Project Firefly to support this site and help preserve, protect and save fireflies around the world that our children's children may still be able to see magnificent displays of fireflies.

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